Pendulum dance centre

Concept and identity for a new modern dance centre based on interviews with dancers, choreographers and professionals working in the field of dance.

The project has two main goals: to bring modern dance closer to its public by creating new ways of engaging viewers; and to create a visual language that is more in line with the innovative nature of modern dance. The focus is on the experience rather than the individual dancers. To communicate this a script has been created, that though a Kinect camera generates images based on a dancer's movements and the colors that dominate within the dance piece.
The graphics for each performance are as individual as the performances themselves. To complement the abstract expression, additional infographics-like section was added to the posters, to provide a more complete picture of the experience and to communicate clearly that it has to do with dance and movement.

Photo: Thomas Klementsson (Cullbergbaletten), Bengt Wanselius (Kenneth Kvarnström).